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When some of the today at buell-parts.com involved people founded more than 10 years ago Hillbilly-Motors, the focus was mainly to supply parts for tuning, customizing and improving the Buell tubeframer models S1, M2, S3 and X1. Later, milestones such as the legendary Hellbender Buell XB project bike, or the big Hillbilly-Motors catalog have dominated the scene over years and were always an commitment to develop and offer the qualityparts Buellriders need.

Our national and international motorsport involvement, at the beginning with the aircooled Buells, later also with the water-cooled Rotaxengine, brought us race victories and championships and put us under the the pressure to develop more and more, better, faster and more reliable parts and technologies. www.pegasusraceteam.com  celebrates with the EBR 1190 RR Superbike numerous successes and was winning the Sound of Thunder Championship in 2010 and Superbike open / BEARS 2011.

Behind buell-parts.com stands an experienced team of dedicated men and women who all ride and race themselves Buells. We customize, tune and love Buell, but also we understand the challenge to secure the supply of spare parts for the East Troy Twins. 

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